Grey Water

As todays water climate is changing rapidly we need to conserve as much water as we can. By purchasing a grey water system we are able to irrigate most garden areas including ornamental beds and lawns. There are simple solutions to allow you to continue to have a green lawn.

Do not store grey water for longer than 24 hours.
Tanks must be cleaned out regularly.
You must use low or no phosphorous washing detergents

Grey Water GatorGrey Water Gator

The average Australian household generates approximately 500-600 litres of waste-water each day. Roughly 60% of this water can be recycled and with a Greywater Gator you can recycle about 34% of that amount. That's roughly 135 litres EVERY DAY that can go towards keeping your garden alive during the harsh summer months.

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The G-Flow Laundry and Evaporative Airconditioner Waste Water Reuse System is an Australian patented product, which automatically diverts, filters and disperses grey water into gardens via a substrata irrigation system.

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